Police Help Make Visiting Quilters Feel At Home
PADUCAH, KY - Paducah Police are helping quilters visiting town this week for the AQS Quilt Show and Contest feel welcome.

Officer Rob Estes says they will be doing more community oriented policing than what you normally see. Estes says officers will be out interacting with visitors who may need help finding their way around Paducah. 

"Absolutely that's what it is from year to year," said Estes. "If there's any kind of problems with medical conditions or any kinds of wrecks or accidents like that, then we're here to assist with that. Basically we're here for visibility, make the quilters feel better and just to assist with the traffic, parking and just to make it a pleasurable experience." 

Estes says they are glad to be at the quilt show helping out. He says it's an enjoyable experience for the officers because it gets them off the streets for awhile and puts them in a different environment where they can interact with different people.

(Left to Right Off. Chris Bolton, Det. Rob Estes, Dep. Mark Vallelunga, Dep. Mike Wray, Off. Travis Counts, and Dep. Colleen Pennebaker