Press Release

To: All News Agencies

From: Sheriff Jon Hayden

Date: November 29, 2007



Early Tuesday morning at about 1:50AM, McCracken Co. Sheriff's Deputy Ray Smith observed a vehicle (green Honda Accord) occupied by two whites males acting suspicious. On Carneal Road, Dep. Smith attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle did not stop and a pursuit began. The passenger began throwing anhydrous ammonia from the cars window. While in about the 4900 block of Noble Road, the passenger jumped from the vehicle and into a wooded area. Shortly thereafter, the vehicle was stopped. Attempts to locate the passenger in the wooded area were unsuccessful, but a K-9 tracked him to Cairo Road near Interstate 24.

A cooler containing anhydrous ammonia was located in the car, duct tape, hose and other items used in the theft of anhydrous ammonia.

The driver was identified as being 48 year old Donald Terry of Paducah. Further investigation revealed that Terry and his passenger 28 year old Christopher Rainey of McCracken County had just stolen the anhydrous ammonia from a location in Ballard County near LaCenter.

Arrested: Tarry, Donald R. 48 yoa of Old Mayfield Road q Paducah, Ky

Charges: Fleeing or Evading 1st Degree

Possession of Anhydrous Ammonia in an un-approved Container w/Intent to Manufacture Meth

Tampering with Anhydrous Ammonia


Sheriff's detectives worked throughout the morning looking for Christopher Rainey. The search led them to the Fremont area of McCracken County, as well as Hickory and the Symsonia areas. During the early afternoon, detectives went to an address in Livingston County (870 Parker Road Burna, Ky) locating the suspect (Rainey) hiding there. McCracken Sheriff's deputies and detectives were accompanied there also by the Livingston County Sheriff's Department, and the Kentucky State Police. In addition to locating the suspect (Christopher Rainey), they also located at least two active Methamphetamine labs in two outbuildings. Five (5) people including Rainey were arrested at the Burna location. For information concerning those arrests, refer to the Kentucky State Police.

Arrested: Rainey, Christopher York 28 yoa of Oaks Road in McCracken County.

Charges (McCracken Co.): Tampering with Physical Evidence

Fleeing or Evading 2nd Degree

Unlawful Possession of Anhydrous Ammonia in an un-approved container with intent to manufacture.

(Additional charges possible in McCracken Co, as well as Livingston Co.)

Another man whom is not being identified at this time, was charged with Hindering Prosecution of Apprehension for hiding Rainey from authorities and transporting him out of McCracken Co. Charges are also possible from the Ballard County Sheriff's Department for theft of Anhydrous Ammonia.


(Please refer to the Kentucky State Police for details of the Burna Ky search, and arrests.)

"These Methamphetamine Lab and Anhydrous Ammonia cases have been few and far between in the past year or so here in McCracken County. We believe that the Anhydrous Ammonia stolen from Ballard County last night was going to be used at the Burna, Ky location."



End of Release


Sheriff Jon Hayden

McCracken Co. Sheriff's Department