Press Release

To: All News Agencies

From: Sheriff Jon Hayden

Date: January 09, 2008

Re: New updated Sheriff's Department Uniforms


All McCracken County Sheriff's Office personnel will soon be wearing new uniforms that have changed from the old style that was introduced back in the 1980's by former-retired McCracken Sheriff Howard Walker Jr.

"The new traditional style "Class A" uniform consists of silver tan colored pants with black shirts and campaign style hats. The new look will hopefully present a new, fresh, and professional image to the public while at the same time boost morale within the ranks of the sheriff's office," Sheriff Jon Hayden said.

Research has shown that the police uniform has a subconscious psychological influence on a person's preconceived feelings about law enforcement officers. A more stringent policy will be in place to ensure that the uniform is worn properly, and also worn in a manner to reflect professionalism. The new uniforms are also in line with the new paint and stripe scheme on the black and white patrol cars.

Many of the old tan and blue uniforms were in a severe state of wear and needed to be replaced. The department took already allocated funding from this years budget along with drug seized monies to fund the change over. "Anytime we can use drug seized assets to fund our law enforcement activities, that offers relief to the county taxpayers," Sheriff Jon Hayden says.

"The new uniforms while unique to our area, maintains the traditional sheriff's department look," Chief Deputy MIke Turnbow said.


Former McCracken County Sheriff Howard Walker Jr., agrees with the uniform change stating that he changed the uniforms back in the 1980's while in office from the brown colored uniforms to the tan and blue. "Every sheriff must do whatever is necessary to keep the sheriff's office updated and to promote efficiency and professionalism," Walker said. (Contact Sheriff Jon Hayden for Walker's contact information if needed)


**The new uniforms can be seen here **


The uniform changeover will take place this weekend.


End of Release


Sheriff Jon Hayden

McCracken Co. Sheriff's Department