June 13th, 2008

Untimely Death of Emergency Management Director Kent King

As most of you are already aware, Kent King passed away earlier today and we are still trying trying to deal with losing a good friend and fellow co-worker. Kent has been Emergency Management Director since 1990, and has been an asset to this department since the first day he started. Kent has always went out of his way to help the citizens of this county through his disaster preparedness and community programs, but he has also been there for all of us in the local law enforcement community. Kent has been there every time we asked (sometimes within minutes) to assist us with traffic accidents, weather disasters, and anything else that would tax our resources and manpower.

Our prayers are with Kent's family today as they deal with this loss.

"Kent was a good man, a good public servant, and most of all a good friend. He will be missed by all the men and women of the McCracken County Sheriff's Department."

County Press Release From Coroner Dan Sims

End of Release

Deputy Tony Graham

McCracken Co. Sheriff's Department