Reidland Man Arrested On Methamphetamine Charges


On October 21, 2008, the McCracken County Sheriff Department Drug Division received information alleging illegal drug activity to be occurring at 1440 Said Road (Ky 131). Detectives determined prior to going to the residence in question that one of the occupants was Jonathan D. Boyd. Mr. Boyd had two outstanding McCracken County arrest warrants (Failure To Appear and Theft By Deception arrest warrants). Prior to arriving at the location in question detectives observed Boyd traveling South on Said Road (Ky 131). Boyd was stopped and arrested on the warrants. Detectives subsequently searched Boyd's vehicle incident to arrest and located a syringe that contained Methamphetamine residue. The syringe was hidden inside a shoe that was laying in the back drivers side floorboard.

Detectives then went to Boyd's home, located at 1440 Said Road, and conducted a search of the residence. Inside the residence detectives located digital scales that contained Methamphetamine residue on them, numerous plastic baggies that contained Methamphetamine residue, schedule four prescription medication (Tranxene and Darvocet), and other related items. Outside the residence detectives located several articles that were linked to a Methamphetamine Lab (hydrogen chloride gas generator, pseudoephedrine residue coffee filters that were soaked in ether, numerous empty pseudoephedrine boxes, along with other related items).

Majority of the items recovered were within reach of the six year old children whom also resided at the residence in question.

Boyd made admissions during an interview that he had purchased pseudoephedrine for the purpose of Methamphetamine production along with trafficking in quantities of Methamphetamine.

The two six year old juveniles were released to the Kentucky Department Of Families And Children.

Boyd was arrested and transported to the McCracken County Regional Jail.


ARRESTED: Boyd, Jonathan D. 32 years of age

Of Said Road


CHARGES: Complicity To Manufacturing Methamphetamine

Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia 2nd Offense

Trafficking In A Controlled Substance First Degree (Methamphetamine)

Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree (Darvocet)

Possession Of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree (Tranxene)

Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree


The McCracken County Sheriff Department was assisted by the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force, and the Department Of Probation and Parole.




Det. Sgt. Matt Carter

McCracken County Sheriff Department Drug Division