Four Arrested Following Meth Investigation



May 12, 2010



McCracken County Sheriff's Detectives have have arrested four individuals for Methamphetamine related offenses following a joint investigation by McCracken and Marshall County Sheriff's Detectives.
On 05-11-2010 detectives with the McCracken County Sheriff's Department Drug Division received information regarding methamphetamine trafficking occurring at 1612 Clark Street in Paducah. Detectives, assisted by the Marshall County Sheriff's Department conducted an investigation that involved making a methamphetamine purchase from the residence. While conducting surveillance on the residence located at 1612 Clark Street, Sheriff detectives observed a 2003 Hyundai passenger car arrive that was suspected of supplying methamphetamine to an individual at that residence.  A traffic stop was later conducted on that vehicle in the 1400 of H C Mathis Drive at approximately 6:50 pm. The driver of the vehicle was identified as James T. Dahl. The passenger was identified as Candace L. Mescher. Detectives located several hundred dollars in US currency on the person of Dahl believed to be proceeds of his Methamphetamine sales. A search of Mescher revealed approximately $800 worth of Methamphetamine that was hidden in three plastic baggies in an undergarment along with several doses of Sudafed. A search of the vehicle revealed a plastic baggy that contained 40 doses of Sudafed. The 2003 Hyundai was seized as a result of the Sheriff's Department's investigation.
Later in the evening detectives received information that Christopher Harris of Brook port IL would be traveling to a Paducah business located at 2301 North 8th Street to deliver several boxes of Sudafed to an individual that he knew would be used as a Meth precursor. McCracken County Sheriff Deputies Tom Crabtree, Jared Rivera and Jody Higdon stopped and arrested Harris on the parking lot when he arrived at 11:45 pm driving a 1997 Honda passenger car. A search of Harris and the vehicle revealed several doses of Sudafed, a plastic baggy containing Methamphetamine, doses of Xanax, doses of Klonopin and a set of digital scales with suspected meth residue.
On 05-12-2010 at approximately 1:53 am detectives with McCracken and Marshall County Sheriff's Departments executed a search warrant at 1612 Clark Street in Paducah. Detectives located and arrested Angel Raye inside the residence. A search of the residence revealed numerous items consistent with drug trafficking. Raye was arrested and transported the McCracken County Jail. Detectives had learned through the course of their investigation that Raye had been trafficking in Methamphetamine and providing another individual with a large quantity of Sudafed to used as a Meth Precursor over the past several weeks. 
All four individual were arrested and lodged in the McCracken County Jail
Arrested: James T. Dahl 39, of Brookport IL
Charges: Trafficking in a 1st degree controlled substance-meth, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of a meth precursor
Arrested: Candace L. Mescher 26, of Brookport IL
Charges: Complicity to Trafficking in a 1st degree controlled substance-meth, tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of a meth precursor
Arrested: Christoper G. Harris 29, of Brookport IL
Charges: Distribution of a meth precursor, Possession of a controlled substance 1st- Meth, possession of of 3rd degree controlled substance- Klonopin, drug paraphernalia possession and possession of a controlled substance- Xanax 
Arrested: Angel L. Raye 32, of Clark Street
Charges: Trafficking in a 1st degree controlled substance-meth and unlawful distribution of a meth precursor
Photos can be obtained of these individuals by contacting the McCracken County Jail at 270-444-4730
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Sgt. Jesse Riddle.


McCracken County Sheriff’s Department