Statistics for 2019

Below is the McCracken County Sheriff's Office statistical data for the calendar year 2019, along with comparisons from the previous year of 2018.

Please take note that these numbers are obtained from the total numbers of initial reports taken, and do not take into account cases that after investigation were unfounded, or was ultimately prosecuted as a lesser degree crime.

Part 1 Crime (the most serious) had an overall decrease of about 10%.

McCracken County Sheriff's Office investigated and cleared only one (1) murder case in 2019, which was up from no murders in 2018.

The murder charge occurred on July 10, 2019, when the McCracken County Sheriff's Office responded to 6230 Noble Road in reference to a female who had reportedly suffered a gunshot wound. It was determined that Judy Stalcup W/F 60 years of age, had suffered from a gunshot wound. She was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Ms. Stalcup succumbed to her injuries despite medical personnel's efforts. Detectives interviewed Ms. Stalcup's X-husband, Anthony Stalcup and arrested him that same evening.

*Rapes- dropped 18% (17 in 2018 and 14 in 2019)
*Robberies- dropped 55% (11 in 2018 and only 5 in 2019)
*Felony Assaults increased 17% (increased from 24 in 2018 to 28 in 2019)
*Residential and Commercial Burglary dropped 5% (136 in 2018 to 129 in 2019)
*Felony Thefts dropped 8% (335 in 2018 to 307 in 2019)
*Auto Thefts dropped 25% (61 in 2018 to 46 in 2019)
*Arsons dropped 60% (5 in 2018 to 2 in 2019)

Part 2 Crime (less serious and mostly misdemeanor crimes) decreased overall by 1%

*Simple Assaults- dropped 15% (331 in 2018 to 280 in 2019)
*Forgery Cases dropped 11% (27 in 2018 to 24 in 2019)
*Fraud cases: increased 3% (93 in 2018 to 96 in 2019)
*Criminal Mischief- increased 8% (134 in 2018 to 145 in 2019)
*Embezzlement cases- increased 33% (3 cases in 2018 and 4 cases in 2019)
*Sex Offenses (other than rape): increased 55% (47 cases in 2018 to 73 cases in 2019)
*Drug Violations increased considerably by 59%. (1076 in 2018 to 1708 in 2019)
*Offenses Against Families and Children: decreased 3% (77 cases in 2018 to 75 cases in 2019)

Arrest Data for 2019 shows the overall number of arrests made by the office increased 6%. The number of DUI arrests increased 9% from the previous year. 2018 DUI arrest numbers were 234. For 2019 those numbers were 254.

*In 2019, there were a total of 3281 arrests, compared to 3093 arrests in 2018.

Collision Data for the past year shows a 3% decrease in total number of collisions. There were 1007 traffic collisions investigated in 2018 and 976 investigated in 2019. The number of fatalities increased 50% (6 fatalities in 2018 and 9 in 2019). The number of injury collisions decreased 41% (290 in 2018 and 170 in 2019). Non-Injury traffic collisions increased 12% (711 in 2018 and 797 in 2019).

The McCracken County Sheriff's Office had a 4% increase in the number of SRN's in 2019 (service run numbers) which were 33,047 in 2018 and 34,500 in 2019.

We are within just a few days of finalizing our first ever annual report and will be making it available both digitally and in hard copy. This report will be made possible at no cost to the tax payers due to drug seized monies being utilized to absorb any and all cost accrued.

Below are the charts for all categories outlined above:

►Part 1 Statistics
►Part 2 Statistics

It is believed that the decreases seen in the various crime categories are largely impart to the vigorous drug enforcement efforts made by our office and are reflected with a 59% increase to our drug arrest compared to the previous year. Several factors played an important role in this increase, however it would not have been possible without the relentless efforts, strong work ethics, and commitment to serve the citizens by each and every deputy sheriff.