Badges of Hope


It is with great excitement and optimism to announce a new program taking formation in McCracken County and surrounding areas. "Badges of Hope" is a newly formed operation that includes area law enforcement and rehab facilities that have joined together in a united front to provide hope for those battling addiction.

Often times getting into the back of a patrol car has been viewed by many as the end. With "Badges of Hope" we want this to be viewed as the beginning. "Badges of Hope" is not a signal of weakness nor are we getting light on crime, instead it is among the first-ever publicized means by our agency to offer hope and rehab to those battling addiction before it is too late and or before they are faced with criminal charges.

Please join us at the open house for one of the newest drug rehab facilities in Paducah, Kentucky Addiction Centers, located at 148 Stuart Nelson Drive at 11:00 on Friday, November 8, 2019. A press conference will take place at 11:00 am to outline the program and share this good news of hope with our community in a jointed continued effort to make our community one that is safe to raise your families and impossible for the criminal element to be comfortable.

Step 1 - I've got to do something about my addiction!
Have you realized that it's time to change your life? You've already taken the first step. Now, call the McCracken County Sheriff's Office at 270-444-4719. Ask for help through Badges of Hope. (Call 911 if there is an emergency situation.) Your call for help will be kept confidential.

Step 2 - Help is on the way
Any person that voluntarily requests help with substance addiction will be transported by a deputy to a treatment center that is partnering with Badges of Hope. The deputy will help get you started in the program.

Step 3 - Stabilize your life
Even if you do not have insurance, you will receive assistance through our partners that specialize in addiction treatment. Help is yours for the taking. Just call!

Will I be arrested?
- Our mission is to provide rehabilitation avenues, instead of jail, for anyone who is proactively seeking help through Badges of Hope

What is the cost?
-Our treatment partners accept insurance, if available. If not, they will provide services at no cost