Crime Statistics for 2021

Below is the McCracken County Sheriff's Office statistical data for the calendar year 2021, along with comparisons from the previous year of 2020.

The FBI determines what crimes make up Part 1 and Part 2. The MCSO reports these statistics through the NIBRS system.

Please take note that these numbers are obtained from the total numbers of initial reports taken. The statistics do not take into account cases that, after investigation, were unfounded, or were ultimately prosecuted as a lesser serious offense.

Part 1 Crime (the most serious) had an overall decrease of 23%

The McCracken County Sheriff's Office investigated two (2) incidents as murders in 2021, which was down from three (3) in 2020.

One of the murder investigations stems from a shooting that occurred during the night of June 8, 2021. Detectives and Deputies worked overnight and ultimately arrested Roddrick Moore in Arkansas on the morning of June 9, 2021. Moore has been charged with Murder and Assault 1st Degree. The case is still pending in court, awaiting trial.

The second murder investigation was the result of a motor vehicle collision on Cairo Road on April 22, 2021, involving two motor vehicles. The operator of one of the vehicles passed away. The investigation has been given to the Commonwealth Attorney's Office to decide what, if any charges should be brought against the operator of the second vehicle.
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Part 2 crime (less serious and mostly misdemeanor) decreased by 18%.
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Overall Arrest Data for 2021 shows that arrests made by the Sheriff's Office increased by 1%. Drug arrests increased by 47%. In total, the McCracken County Sheriff's Office had 2,476 arrests in 2021.

Collision Data for 2021 shows that there was an overall increase of 10% in motor vehicle collisions reported to the MCSO. Fatal collisions dropped from 9 to 8 while injury collisions increased by 12% and non-injury collisions increased 10%.