Citizen's Academy


Class #7
Oct 17, 24, 30 - Nov 7

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"Did you know there are statutory responsibilities sheriff's offices are tasked with that city, state, and federal entities are not? I'm excited to offer our agency's Sheriff Citizen's Academy to answer this question and many more. I believe this program will allow the community to become better educated on how and why your sheriff's office operates the way that it does and provide a wealth of useful information while simultaneously building stronger relationships with the community. Working together, there is much that we will be able to accomplish as we move forward"
~Sheriff Ryan Norman

Some comments from our graduates:

"This is a valuable program that will have a great impact on our county. I left with a much greater understanding and appreciation for the work you and your team perform. Watching them in action made me even prouder to work and live in McCracken County, because I know I have the very best in law enforcement protecting our community."

"I think you are doing a great job with starting this class. I hope more people will get involved."

"I never knew the drug problem was so widespread!"

"It was a very rewarding experience."

"Loved ALL the presentations! Everything was super! I extremely enjoyed every evening!"

"This program has been outstanding! I would recommend the program to everyone in the community. This was excellent!"

"One of the take-aways of this academy is the passion and dedication the department shows. They were able to keep it professional and friendly. There seems to be a genuine concern for the community (i.e. it isn't all about the numbers/statistics.)"

"I'm grateful to all the officers who have given me the opportunity to experience all the Sheriff's Department does through these classes. All sections were so interesting!"

"I liked the drug dog and SWAT Team!"

"I enjoyed learning about the history of the department as well as the workings and duties. Very helpful!"

"I enjoyed the Virtual Reality and DUI the most. The Patrol session was also very interesting."

"This was very informative and engaging. All of it was helpful."

"Very interesting class. The presentations explained everything perfectly!"

"The instructors were most helpful by answering question and being very detailed in explaining."

"Learning the how and why of traffic stops and training was informative. The drunk goggles were great!"

"I knew nothing about Narcan and how it was used. I really liked learning about it, if ever needed."

"I liked police work explained on a daily basis. I also liked the "hands on" (like feeling the actual weight of body armor) and seeing the inside working of patrol cars."

"The history of Miranda v. Arizona was helpful to learn about. I also enjoyed learning about DUIs and how the traffic stop works. The Virtual Reality was fun too!"

What is the cost?
The course is free.

Will I be a member of law enforcement when I graduate?
No, but you will have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a law enforcement officer in today's world. You will learn about the extensive training, capabilities, duties, and the commitment to excellence of the McCracken County Sheriffs Office. For some, it may spark interest in joining law enforcement! For others, being a better-informed citizen who understands the realities of law enforcement will be an invaluable contribution to our community.

Academy Topics may include:

What is the goal of the Citizen's Academy?
The course is intended to develop a harmonious working relationship with members of the community and to encourage two-way communication. It is an opportunity to learn about law enforcement, ask questions, and gain a more thorough understanding of the duties of the McCracken County Sheriff's Office. In turn, deputies learn from you during the course about how to provide even better service. It's truly a win-win in making McCracken County a better and safer place!

Who Should Attend?
Persons from all walks of life. They include concerned citizens, Neighborhood Watch members, elected officials, members of the media, independent business workers, church members, college students, potential law enforcement applicants, etc. This course is for anyone wanting to better understand how the McCracken County Sheriff's Office serves you!

What are the requirements?
-Anyone at least 18 years old who resides, works, or attends school in McCracken County may apply (providing you have no outstanding warrants for your arrest, and no pending criminal cases.)
-Following the required background check, an eligibility list will be compiled.
-Agree to a commitment of attending training sessions regularly. Attendees that complete all sessions will graduate with a certificate.

Class #7
Oct 17, 24, 30 - Nov 7

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