Hunter Education Course

Hunter Education

After thoughtful discussions regarding how to better serve the community and give back, we settled on hunter education courses. We are blessed to live in an area where there are great opportunities for outdoor experiences and hobbies. By hosting hunter education courses not only do we get to help the tradition of hunting in our area, but we also get to engage with the youth and promote safe and ethical hunting. Unfortunately, we see many accidents from the unsafe handling of firearms. Through these courses, we hope to instill safe firearm handling values in the younger generation and perhaps prevent the mishandling of firearms.

The best reason for hosting hunter education courses is to engage with our youth. We want to let them know that law enforcement is here for them and be a positive force in the development of their values.

We had a great time at our first Hunter Education course. Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope it was worthwhile.

Big thank you to Atlas Roofing, Atlas Metal, and Chick Fil A for providing food and drinks. That was definitely a big hit. We are thankful for community members like yourselves!

If you weren't able to attend this session, we will hold another course later this year. It will be announced on Facebook as well.